Hirebee theme Customization

Were implemented:

  • Maintain core theme functionality;
  • There are currently two user types (freelancers and employers) assigned by the theme. You will need to keep the “employer” type user, and up to 8 other “freelancer” user types, such that “freelancer” types can be turned on or off and moderation turned on/off;
  • Ability of the “freelancer” users to answer to jobs should be based on specific categories/skills which can be configured and turned on/off also;
  • Users uploading projects should be able to select if many or just one other user can bid/work on a project – need to check it this is supported by the core functionality; and
  • The search functionality can be turned on/off and when enabled users can search by each of the 8 “freelancer” types, and/or by category/skills.